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Hakkoda Japan Snowboarding Scrapeddd

Hours at Hakkoda

The last two weeks of my life has been a stress filled, deadline ridden, patch of time filled with personal life stressors and bullshit. I’m…


The season of 2017-2018 is looking more than promising for those living in the northern prefecture of Japan. with snowfall already reaching 100cm in certain…

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Chula Vista California 350Z Scrapeddd

Neighborhood Cars

I have a lot of hobbies. Doing outdoors stuff is one of them as you may know but late 90s, early 2000s Japanese street inspired…

Datsun 280Z Project: Interior Removal & Inspection – Chapter 2

The 280z trip is finally over from which you read in the previous chapter of the 280z story and now we have to gaze at…

Datsun 280Z Project: Recusing A Dead Car – Chapter 1

Have you ever had the one car you always picked in a video game and wished you could have it in real life? This amazing…

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Mount San Jacinto State Park California Scrapeddd

Time Away at: Palm Springs Tram Way

T his past weekend my girlfriend and I took a quick trip to Palm Springs to check out Mount San Jacinto via the world’s first…

Time Away At: Big Bear Lake

A couple of weekends back, my parents invited me and my girlfriend to stay with them in Big Bear, California. For those who aren’t a…