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Reasoning For A New Build

Why I’m Upgrading

The PC I'm rebuilding I originally refreshed 2 years ago with a GTX 980ti and Asus Maximus VII Hero. Well.. during one night while WoW with friends my GPU just failed and black screened. I pull the panels and see what's wrong & notice my expensive GPU got leaked on by My Corsair H100i (A nightmare come true!) I pulled the card out instantly & tried posting without it... getting nothing. My Motherboard is also dead (fuck)...

Come In Corsair

This couldn't have happened at a worse time, I just had my motorcycle accident & was stuck in an arm cast with almost all my finger broken in my left hand & neck/back brace for my spinal fractures. I contacted Corsair as fast as I could & after a few weeks they approved that my H100i leaked & will offer me a check for my motherboard and GPU (Around $600.00 offered). So I was almost a month without a pc & couldn't do any work (just bad luck for me this year, it really sucked).

We Can Build It Better

Out with the old & in with the new! After have my AIO watercooler destroy my expensive hardware no way in hell I'm getting an AIO cooler again. After receiving my check from Corsair it was time to start the upgrade. Time to upgrade to LGA 1151 for that sweet DDR4! I ended up with a new motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram & heatsink. I decided to stay with Asus for my motherboard since I like the BIOs on their boards.


Noctua MH-D15S

Speed & Beauty Combined

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080

Asus Z170-A

Final Build
Parts List

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