What Is Scrapeddd?

Meet Our Team

Meet the team members of Scrapeddd, we’re the idiots trying to write and create content for the website. As of now it’s just three of us, but we’d love to add more as we grow.

Bryce Thomas

Team Member

Who am I? Well, I’m Bryce.

I started Scrapeddd back in 2014 as a website and Youtube channel about automotive culture (mainly about drifting). Fun fact, the brand has evolved twice since that time. Scrapeddd now covers a whole spectrum of hobbies/topics between some of my bestest friends in the whole damn world. Enough about that, what about me? I’m originally from the farmlands of Indiana but moved to central Florida when I was a wee lad (Yeah, I moved from one flat state to another) and I have spent 19 of my years here so far (I’m seriously ready to try another state). In middle school I met one of the rarest specimens in my school, an Asian kid named Lauren (we had a lot of white kids at my school, probably like 90% white). Through Lauren I met Francis, It seemed like our only object at that age was to play as much Battlefield Bad Company we could without failing at school. Needless to say, we’ve been best friends since.

What about the shit I like doing? Well, I have a serious problem & it’s hobbies. Just listing off some of the stuff I waste money on. Cars, Motorcycles, Computers, Audio, Video, Photography, FPV, RC, 3D Modeling, Tearing shit apart and hoping you can put it back together… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, I should really cut back on some of these or I’ll be broke for life.

My end goal for Scrapeddd is to have an awesome platform that my friends and I can write about our hobbies and have the possibility to share it with the world. Some people might find it boring some people might find it interesting. To us, it’s just a way to share our experiences. At the end of the day I’m just ecstatic to have my two best buds on here with me writing & sharing our experiences through life.

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Lauren Houdek

Team Member

Howdy yall, the name is Lauren Houdek (I’m a dude.) and it’s a pleasure to meet ya.

I’m a military brat who’s been blessed to be able to travel the Pacific in my youth and continue to do so in my adulthood (perks of being enlisted in the United States Air Force). I currently stationed at Misawa AFB where I work and spend my free time doing what I love, which is enjoying my hobbies and having a great time.

I have countless hobbies that take up my time. From recording and playing music (that’s how Francis and I became homies, our mutual disdain for our band director fastened our brotherly connection), to playing video games (that’s how I introduced Francis to Bryce and Mike. We’re all just a bunch of nerds), cooking and grilling food, and shredding whether it be on the mountain, skate park, or in the Pacific. I also love photography because it’s a great way to capture the passing moments of life. Which helps out with this entire Scrapeddd thing that we’re doing.

My goal with Scrapeddd is to create a community, a diverse community full of individuals who understand the better things in life. People who enjoy nature, beers, BBQ, and just simply doing something with their lives. Even if it’s just a handful of folks I feel like it’ll be awesome to cultivate and watch this entire thing grow.

I hope you enjoy the content that I create, and with much love

-Lauren H.


Pacific Crest Trail California Scrapeddd

Francis Banaña

Team Member

Whaddup guys? Francis here. I was asked by Lauren and Bryce to join them on this project to share our hobbies and passions. Lauren and I met in Okinawa in our middle school band class. We were(are) bunch of silly dudes and instantly became homies after making fun of our teacher’s male camel toe. He left and settled in a new place where he met Bryce. Lauren introduced me to Bryce after inviting me to a Xbox party to play some Battlefield: Bad Company (one of the best games from the Battlefield series). We instantly became homies after the countless of times destroying the opposing team. 10 years later and here we are.

A little more about me. I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot of different hobbies, such as golfing and pretending to skateboard. However Japanese cars, playing the guitar, and some kind of outdoor things (amateur outdoorsman alert) has been consistent. But knowing me, I would probably catch on to other cool hobbies down the road.

Ultimately my goal with this project is to step out of my comfort zone with writing. I was never a good writer through high school and in college so I hope doing this would push me to become a decent writer as I share my experiences with the hobbies I’m involved in. If you guys end up liking my articles, that would be the icing on the cake!

That’s that.

I hope you guys enjoy what Bryce, Lauren, and I have to offer!