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First Day With The Focus

May 30th 2015

On May 30th 2015 I visited Lake Nissan in Leesburg, FL & purchased my 2014 Focus ST. The car was used but only 11k on the odometer. This is my first newer vehicle purchase I've made in my life.

My First Bought Manual Car

I've never owned a manual car before this one, I've had experience driving a manual transmission but wasn't an expert. I've driven older manual cars like old Fairladys and this clutch felt 100% different. Was a fun drive home learning it (I later found to hate this clutch pedal spring Ford uses, makes the clutch feel unnatural).

Vehicle History

Vehicles I've had before the Focus ST listed from beginning to Focus ST. Oh god, 2002 Hyundai Accent (Was given to me but man was it bad), 2006 Suzuki SV650S and my 1993 240SX Coupe. I first got my Accent from my sister. The car was given from my parents as our first car & was handed down to me eventually. I hated the Accent a lot. The car made terrible noises & would vibrate over 60 mph, it felt like a Korean death cage. I eventually fixed everything on it & sold it for profit & bought my Suzuki SV650S (I've always been in love with motorcycles). I rode my SV650s to work for 2 years & eventually bought my 1993 240SX Coupe as an "It's raining & I don't feel like riding" project car. The 240SX progressed for a few years & it was eventually was sold so I can make room for the Focus ST (If I had the room I would have kept it).


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